Dogs perform their best when they are focused. A big factor of dogs not being focused when owners are experiencing problems,
is their socialization with their surroundings. People, other dogs, loud noises, cars, and many other things can distract a dog,
sometimes even spook them. Our socialization program focuses specifically on what it is your dog needs to get familiar with, and makes it a positive,
but disciplined, experience for them.


Whether you’re going on vacation, or you have an emergency, Alpha Moves provides premier boarding conditions
for your dog while you are away.

Day Care

Our day care is designed for the busy scheduled person, who has a job or lifestyle that has constant last minute things.
Simply drop your dog off and we’ll take care of the rest.


Agility is a great way to build trust with your dog. Whether you’ve had your dog a few hours, or several years, our agility program will give a
trust building opportunity, plus a fun way to exercise your dog.

Handler and Dog Rentals

Alpha Moves has protection and detection dogs available for rental, along with a handler to accompany.
Please contact owner for more information.